Manual Alignment

Mechanical Caster-Camber Gauges with Two-Dial Runout Eliminator can be used to gauge a front end without the use of a computer. This is a basic approach to measure caster and camber.

Mechanical Gauges come complete with these great features:

  • Bee Line Micrometer Dial has proven itself time and again in the industry to be the most accurate and easy to read mechanical Caster-Camber gauge.
  • Complete horizontal and vertical runout compensation with exclusive two-dial system eliminates any guesswork.
  • The cam system locks easily and securely to bead, fellow or any other part of the rim or wheel.
  • The reversible advancer will mount securely to the inside or the outside of the rim.
  • Quality construction of lightweight durable materials ensure a long, dependable life.
Caster Camber Mechanical Gauge Align
2300 Toe-In Gauge
1790 Tire Scribe Gauge

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