Total Vehicle HD Wheel Alignment

With the ability to gauge all critical alignment angles AND correct camber and caster, Bee Line offers the only heavy duty Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment Solution.

Heavy duty alignment equipment on the market today varies widely in areas of overall design, technology and the extent of capabilities. Inexpensive and basic systems may only use mechanical equipment that depends on technician interpretation to gauge alignment angles, while more expensive equipment may take only a few basic alignment measurements and input the findings into a computer to analyze the alignment condition. Even some computerized alignment equipment available may only allow you to measure and adjust basic toe and tracking errors.

Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment means measuring and correcting all alignment angles, not just toe and rear tracking. What good is it knowing the truck is out of alignment if you cannot correct the problem?

Bee Line recognized a long time ago that measurement and correction of all the major alignment angles is necessary to achieve maximum truck efficiency. That is why we promote Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment to extend tire life, maximize fuel efficiency and improve vehicle handling.

Advanced Aligner Runway System

The Bee Line Advanced Aligner Runway machine and our alignment tooling are designed to allow a shop to perform all necessary alignment corrections. The machine places the truck at a comfortable working height, either in a pit or above ground. It allows room to make adjustments not only to toe and tracking, but also camber and caster. There is no fixed beam or equipment in the way to hinder access or make it difficult to work on the vehicle.

Elevated Solutions AA Runway Machine

Suspension Inspection

The first step in a professional alignment is to raise the vehicle and inspect the suspension for problems like damaged springs, worn king pins, loose bearings or worn steering linkage. Without raising the vehicle, these problems can go unnoticed and continue to cause tire wear and handling problems. Using a Bee Line alignment machine along with our heavy duty air jack allows you space to inspect the vehicle. Our popular Advanced Aligner Runway machine is available in a variety of lengths and widths, beginning at two sections. Once on the runway, the heavy duty air jack lifts the front of the vehicle so inspection, maintenance and runout can easily be performed.

Perform Suspension Inspection to Properly Align

Computerized Wheel Alignment

Bee Line’s state-of-the-art computerized alignment system utilizes lasers, which are more accurate than manual or infrared sensors. The bright laser beams are highly visible and show any alignment errors on the vehicle. Bee Line lasers provide the most accurate alignment readings on the market today. While most systems only measure to one-hundredths of an inch, we use a system capable of measuring alignment variables to five-thousandths of an inch.

All corrections and adjustments to a vehicle’s alignment are done with a “live” reading. The readings for toe, rear tracking and camber are shown on the computer screen or a wireless Remote Display and reflect all changes as corrections are being made to ensure accuracy.

Calibration is built-in on Bee Line equipment. Calibration is an important part of any alignment system and should be done frequently to ensure accurate alignment readings. Our equipment can be calibrated by the operator at any time in just a few minutes — there is no long wait or extra expense while waiting for an outside party to come and calibrate the equipment.

LC7500 Computerized Alignment

Axle Correction

Complete alignment does not stop with a measuring system. Why take readings if they are not used? Improper camber causes tire wear and improper caster causes handling problems. To correct caster and camber on trucks, Bee Line developed the Floating Beam System, which allows one technician to correct heavy duty truck axles on the vehicle when used with the Bee Line AA machine. Our patented camber tooling can correct out of tolerance camber on all axle sizes, as well as correct caster due to axle twist. The floating beam system is designed to be easily attached to the vehicle axle for corrections and removed and placed out of the way when the correction is finished. Our special Bee Line Spring Lift also allows easy removal and replacement of caster wedges.

Axle Correction 406 Tool Group

Rear Axle Alignment

Complete your total alignment system with a 22000 Rear Axle Aligner. For a vehicle to track properly, the rear axles must be perpendicular to the vehicle’s centerline and parallel to each other. The Rear Axle Aligner is fast, accurate and easy to learn and use. A technician can set up the system and take all necessary measurements in less than five minutes. If adjustments are needed, they can be made with the Rear Axle Aligner in place, using it as a guide for the adjustment.

Rear Axle Aligner

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