With more than 90 years of experience in the heavy duty vehicle maintenance and repair industry, Bee Line is a leader in quality, innovation and expertise. By answering the needs of an ever-changing market, we will continue to be the company setting trends in the future.

Although Wheel Alignment is often overlooked on the preventive maintenance programs in the trucking industry, more importance is increasingly being placed on the cost savings and handling characteristics of routine complete alignments. Fleet executives are continually putting more emphasis on maintaining skilled drivers by performing alignments, which create considerable fuel and tire savings while improving drivability.

Studies continue to find that only setting the toe and tracking on vehicles is not a complete solution. Camber is recognized as a major contributor to tire wear and caster is a major contributor to suspension life and drivability.

Bee Line is a leading manufacturer of equipment that MEASURES AND CORRECTS caster and camber - resulting in TOTAL wheel alignment. The company manufactures heavy duty truck frame correction equipment in addition to the alignment equipment, thus providing a complete solution. While vehicles continue to get lower to the ground and axles continue to get stronger, Bee Line produces new products to keep up with these trends. Bee Line systems are designed to fit each shop’s specific needs and expand to accommodate changing conditions.

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