Bee Line 3D Optical Frame Assessment System

Bee Line 3D Optical Frame Assessment System

20 Feb, 2018

This exclusively designed system features a single infrared camera that captures the initial conditions of a damaged frame, allowing the operator to determine what corrective measures need to be taken. The camera, which has a self-contained light source for accuracy, connects with retro-reflective targets mounted with self-centering frame gauges that accurately represent vehicle conditions.

The3D system is capable of accurate initial condition reporting, dynamic tracking of corrections as they are made and final condition reporting relative to appropriate specification tolerances.

How the system works:

  • Enter specific vehicle data and capture “before” pictures of the damaged areas to upload to diagnosis software.
  • Properly mount the frame gauges on the truck rails. New lock design secures the gauges to the frame, ensuring that they sit 90-degrees to the frame. Focus the camera and capture coordinates of all points on all targets.
  • The 3D system diagnoses and illustrates the condition(s). Results are documented and a report is generated showing before and after photos and frame assessment data.

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