When your wheels are aligned with Bee Line equipment, you save thousands of dollars by extending the life of your fleet’s tires. Maintaining properly aligned vehicles helps keep money in your pocket.

Although wheel alignment is often overlooked in preventive maintenance programs, more importance is being placed on the cost savings and handling characteristics of routine complete alignments. Fleet executives are putting more emphasis on maintaining skilled drivers by performing computerized alignments, which create considerable fuel and tire savings while improving drivability.

  • More than 70% of all vehicles would benefit from proper alignment
  • Increased tire performance — up to 30% — and even more miles
  • 1 to 3% better fuel mileage
  • Increased driver handling/less fatigue
  • Improved performance from suspension parts

To achieve maximum truck efficiency, Bee Line promotes measuring and correcting ALL major alignment angles, thus providing a complete solution in Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment. Align your fleet for laser accurate performance and reduce your operating costs today.

HD Fleets

Just 1/8” excessive toe can reduce tire life by 25%!

Fighting to reduce operating cost is something you live with every day. OEMs have incorporated aerodynamic designs, more efficient engines and drive trains. Fleets have increased the focus on preventative maintenance programs, but one thing you may have overlooked is the importance of proper wheel alignment.

A spokesperson for a major tire manufacturer reports that 1/8” excessive toe error produces 8' of side slippage per mile, which can result in a reduction of tire life by as much as 25%. It has been proven that proper wheel and axle alignment can save the average fleet significantly in reduced tire wear and improved fuel economy - reducing operating costs over $1,000 per unit/per year* Calculate YOUR fleet's savings potential now!

*Based on a fleet of 50 tractors logging 100,000 miles per year.

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